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Africa World Museum and Center

“Our Heritage Is Our Pride”

About Us

The Africa World Museum and Center holds a vast collection of over 50,000 authentic art pieces and artifacts that we have acquired over the last thirty years.  Our doors are open to expose the world to the very best in artistic expression.  Through art, the world has consistently experienced the essence of African art and culture.  African world art represents an Atticism demonstrated by a people who have cultivated remarkable works and expressions that are demonstrative, reflective, and meaningful to the existence of mankind.  Our collections are of historical value and represent the artistic and creative genius of works produced by African people, tribes and artisans.  We at the African World Museum and Center are totally committed to the promotion and propagation of the black man’s heritage.  Our campaign to share our history, values and contributions encompass the global community – IT INCLUDES YOU!  

Our Vision

Africa World Museum and Center believes strongly in the philosophy of cultural exchange.  Historically, African arts have been the primary vehicle by which lessons and values were transmitted and passed down through generations for centuries.  We believe this transfer of knowledge has been lost.  A renaissance and rebirth of black people’s heritage and values are needed at this critical juncture.  We are committed to the sharing of ideas and harmonious reconciliation for all mankind.  We at the African World Museum and Center believe progress and prosperity is a birth right for all people.  We, however, recognize a significant need in the African and African-American communities to recapture a loss sense of connectivity.  To address this need and actualize our goals.

Programs and Functions

The Africa World Museum and Center has planned exhibitions in 110 cities and 57 countries over the next 10 years.  The city of Atlanta has been chosen to house our many collections and serves as our central headquarters.  In conjunction with our permanent exhibits we offer workshops, seminars and symposium on African values, our heritage and civilization.  Participation is open to institutions of higher learning, members of the public and tourists.  Significant past successes along with future exhibits ready to showcase are as follows:

  • Journey Through The Ages
  • Crowning and Celebration of Achievement of African Heritage Values
  • Vision of His Glory
  • Wind of Change
  • Bygone African Empires and Kingdoms, before The Advent of the   Europeans and Africa Today
  • The Conquest of Adversity
  • African Child on the Throne of Agony, Not of Their Making Beyond Their Solution
  • Mask as an Identity for Peace and Humanity
  • Family Values
  • Struggle for Survival and Freedom
  • The Underground Railroad Series

The African World Museum and Center will host a celebrities’ exhibition and awards night.  The museum will feature prominent African scholars, Ambassadors and Dignitaries as special guests.  These gifted individuals have reached the upper echelons of their respective fields and are illustrative of generations of humility and wisdom.  They are committed to the promotion of African values, culture and civilization.


We have successfully with great appreciation and enthusiasm hosted several exhibitions at the following national and international events:

  • 17th Annual Black Men of America Summit Las Vegas, NV (USA 2003)
  • National Summit on Africa (USA 2000)
  • Sidney World Olympic Games Exhibition (France 1998)
  • Kwanzaa Festival NYC (USA 1998)
  • Atlanta Sesquicentennial Festival of Colors (USA 1997)
  • Centennial Olympic Exhibitions (USA 1996)
  • The Festival of Nations (USA 1996)

The Crowning and Celebration of Achievements of African Heritage Values Exhibition has proven to be of great cultural expression and significance in its travels to various venues and cities around the world.  The National Summit on Africa, hosted in Washington, DC in 2000 proved to be one of our organization’s most significant functions.  The participants conducted an in-depth review of issues facing Africans, African-Americans and the global community-at-large.  At the summit, the participants discussed a number of significant points that resulted in several priority recommendations which were adopted by the attendees.  The Africa World Museum and Center has committed to incorporating these ideas and recommendations into our operations.  The following represents a segment of the recommendations:

  • The United States, including African American educational institutions, should seek equitable partnerships with African professionals, institutions

and communities to include opportunities for international exchange, training, research, technology transfer, information sharing, arts and culture.

  • It is imperative that action be taken consistently and accurately to

educate the US Public on Africa through mass media, cultural institutions
                  and school curricula.

  • Policymakers must:


    • Promote change in American knowledge and attitudes towards Africa;
    • Emphasize Africa’s role in the history of global civilization.

For information on the many services we provide, contact:

Chief Tunde Adetunji, CEO/President
African cultural Ambassador
Office: 404.588.0404
Mobile: 678.508.5240
Fax: 404.588.0010, 404.588.0020
134 Peachtree Street Atlanta GA 30303 USA